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Professional Organizer Helps
Helpful Info for the Professional Organizer

• #3 – Professional Organizers Unveiled: Myths vs. Facts!
• Boundaries: When to Say Yes, When to Say Cloud & Townsend
• Catalog Choice - Stops the delivery of unwanted catalogs, credit offers, etc. to your client
• Chaos to Cash by Carrie Greene
• Charity Navigator: An Online Guide to Finding a Charity You Can Trust
• Clear GearBags - See through plastic bags
• Clearly Noted greeting cards to encourage organizing efforts
• Coach Approach for Organizers - Coaching Skills Training for Organizers
• Compare-Movers - Compare Movers rates for your client's area (BBB Accredited)
• ConsumerSearch - Love What You Buy (Free online source of product reviews)
• Crystal Clear Boxes™ - Multi-purpose Storage Boxes
• Dispose my Meds - Locate where to discard your medications
• DMAchoice's™ eMail Preference Service - Getting your client off of commercial eMail lists
• FTC - Federal Trade Commission - Protecting America's Consumers
•® - Toll-free Conferencing
• FreshBooks - Painless Billing, Online Invoicing
• Going Green - Places where your client can donate or recycle their items
• GoToMyPC Software - Access Your Mac or PC From Anywhere
• How to Dispose of Medicines Properly - EPA Guidelines 2011
• How to Dispose of Unused Medicines - FDA Guidelines June 2015
• How Long to Keep Financial Records by
• How Long to Keep Important Papers — Sources -
• How To Determine Insurance Needs When Hiring Contractors For Your Org Business
• How To Get The Best Insurance Coverage For Your Organizing Business
• International Society of Appraisers - ISA
• Jamie Raquel - The LifeSTYLE File Tote
• LogMeIn Pro² Software - Provides Anytime, Anywhere Access to Your PC or Mac
• Medication Aids, Timers & Schedulers Help You Organize & Remember
• Medication Dispensers & Organizers
• MileIQ - Automatic Mileage Logging phone app
• Money For Your Used Clothing - Tax Deductible Savings Using Certified Valuations
• National Do Not Call Registry
• Opt Out Services LLC - Processes your client's request to Opt Out of credit card offers
• Organize Your Book Collection by Elizabeth Larkin
• Organized Greetings - Greeting Cards for the Professional Organizer & other Promo Aids
• PDF Planner Pro - Free fillable & printable PDF Planner, Organizer & Diary
• Personal Property Consultants - Advisors, Appraisers, Brokers in Morristown, NJ
• PaperKarma Phone App - Stop Unwanted Paper Mail - Using Your Phone!
• Protect Your Move - How to Protect Your Clients From Moving/Relocating Fraud
• Record Retention Schedule by Monica Friel of Chaos to Order
• Safe Home Visits - Your Safety in Your Client's Home
• Rolling Cargo Tool Bag - Keep Your Organizing Supplies Organized
• SafeCatalog - Home Inventory Software
• Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS) - Online Trademark Search
• TEAS: File a Trademark or Service Mark Application Electronically
• To Toss or Shelve: What Books to Give Away and Which To Keep? by Ronnie Citron-Fink
• United States Postal Inspection Service - Investigates Mail Fraud, Identity Fraud & more
• What Documents to Keep, Store or Trash by Ric Edelman
• What to do With Your Used Books by Katarina Kovacevic
• What's in My Organizing Toolkit by Emily Wilska
• Where to Donate Items After Decluttering a Home
• YAST - Phone App - keeps track of the time spent on projects and tasks