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Note to Professional Organizers, Productivity Consultants, and Other Related Professionals

Once you have viewed our pages you may find that may or may not have a link to your website. Each link we have posted was obtained through various search engines such as Google, Bing,, AOL Search as well as a number of other sources. The links were searched for and found by way of many man/woman hours. Every business website listed on has been previewed before adding it to our directory. We currently have a database of over 1,500 Professional Organizers and Productivity Consultants and over 2,500 total listings as well as various links to valuable information on organizing.

If you see your business name listed anywhere on our site and there are errors in your listing, or you would like to have your website link removed, please contact us at stating your request and we will handle your request as quickly as possible. Because we retrieve your contact information directly from your website, you may notice that your zip code is not included for you in our State Listing if you did not provide it in your contact info on your website. Simply send us your zip code and we will gladly add it to give potential clients a better idea of your location. If you don't see your business name listed at all and would like to be included, please contact us at the same email address and we will add it at our earliest possible convenience. We will add you to both our Business and State Listings but please include your city, state and zip for the State Listing.

For those of you thinking about becoming a Professional Organizer or Productivity Consultant, you may want to check out our Business Listing page to give you an idea of some of the Business Names that are already taken as well as to help you come up with your own. This Business List helps you find an organizer alphabetically with more names continually being added. Welcome to the wonderful and exciting world of Organizing.

Please note that we currently do not charge to list your business name, book, product or service, video, blog or other Professional Organizer related items on any of our pages including our "Featureds" pages. Hopefully we will be able to continue this. However, please be advised that this could be subject to change in the future. In that event, you would of course have the option to continue your listing(s) at a nominal fee or be removed from the website. You would be notified well in advance if a "fee for listing" were to ever take place. We also eventually plan to make advertising on our website available for those who may be interested once we have become establshed as a website that provides a viable service to many. Please bear with us as we continue to grow, change and attempt to improve every aspect of our venture so that we can better serve you, the Professional Organizer as well as the lay person that is in need and in search of our services. Much gratitude and thanks to you.

Judi Adams
File Services etc.
PO Box 335696
North Las Vegas, NV 89033-5696